A new VAL Volunteering website is coming soon

We’ve been working behind the scenes over the last year to improve our VAL Volunteering system. On 12 April we’ll finally be able to launch the new update.

In 2017 we launched our own volunteering website where volunteer involving organisations (VIOs) can advertise opportunities for free and potential volunteers can sign up and apply.

On Monday 12 April we’ll be launched the new and updated version of that website which will provide a better experience for users.

What’s new?

  • A cleaner updated look and feel to make it easier to manage and find opportunities
  • A better search function, with keyword searches and autofilling
  • Improved geographical search,
  • The ability to add remote volunteering
  • Improved signup process

What happens next?

The existing volunteering site will close on Friday 9 April while we transfer data over and get the new site ready to go live.

When the new site launches, all existing users will be notified by email and given a link to claim their accounts on the new system and all users will be directed to the new website URL.

If you’re an existing user and you don’t receive an email to claim your account on 12 April, just drop us an email at volunteering@valonline.org.uk.

Find out more

VAL is the Volunteering Centre for Leicester and Leicestershire.

You can find out more in our Volunteering area.