Funding and Income

Your group's success depends on winning the funds you need to deliver your valuable service. This section will help you identify and secure sustainable income.

Resource guides for charity funding and income

  • Funding for charities – getting started

    Before you start asking for money from any source, you need to set strong foundations for funding success. This guide covers some of the basic things to ask before you start applying for funding.

  • The charity funding spectrum

    This guide will cover the range of fundraising options you are likely to access for your charity or community group.

  • Tips for writing funding applications

    This guide will give you some key tips for writing a funding application for a charity or voluntary organisation.

  • Thinking about trading

    A successful voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisation should have a diverse range of funding sources. This guide covers the basics of trading for charities.

  • Project planning

    Planning enables you to better think about your organisation in its current state and how it might move forward. This guide will give you some basics on how to plan projects for your organisation.

Useful resources

  • BHIB Charities Insurance Grant Support

    BHIB Charities Insurance are proud to support the Aviva Community Fund, giving support and funding to small charities and community groups for clever, forward-thinking projects. Click the link below to send an email to BHIB and find out more.
  • CrowdFund Leicester

    Crowdfund Leicester is a partnership between the Leicester City Mayor's office and the Spacehive crowdfunding platform to enable people to crowdfund new projects in Leicester city.

    Find out more
  • Leicestershire Communities grants support

    The Leicestershire Communities website offers free resources around local grants programmes, as well as access to the County Council's SHIRE Community grants programmes.

    Find out more
  • Leicestershire Funding Toolkit

    The Leicestershire Funding Toolkit helps you to search for local and national funding sources.

    Find out more
  • The Institute of Fundraising

    The Institution of Fundraising offers resources and guidance on how to raise funds for your organisation, with information around fundraising compliance and guidelines.

    Find out more

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