Applying to protect your personal information on the Companies House register

Companies House: On 16 September companies house published this guidance.

It explains how to restrict disclosure of certain information if you’re at serious risk as a company director, limited liability partnership (LLP) member or person with significant control (PSC).

Most information registered at Companies House is available to the public. Other personal details, such as your home address and full date of birth, are not published on the Companies House register.

You can apply to protect your personal details if you (or someone living with you) are at serious risk of violence or intimidation because of your company or LLP’s activities.

For example, you could be a director, LLP member or PSC that’s:

  • Been targeted by activists
  • Licensed under the Animal (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986
  • Active in the defence industry
  • An easily traceable supplier to (or partner of) one of these organisations

Each case will depend on your individual circumstances and could be a circumstance different to the above.

You should provide evidence to support your application.

The guidance and process for applying can be found here: