Companies House and Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy: Are you ready for our new relationship with the EU?

On 12 October the government published a news story explaining that there will  be guaranteed changes from 1 January 2021 for businesses as we start our new relationship with the EU, and there are many actions your organisation can take today to prepare.

You can find out what your organisation might need to do by using the checker tool. The tool can be found here
There are less than 80 days until the end of the transition period and there will be no extension, so the government urges you to act now. Regardless of whether we reach a trade agreement with the EU, from 1 January there will be guaranteed changes to:

  • the way businesses import and export goods
  • the process for hiring people from the EU
  • the way businesses provide services in EU markets

You can read the news story here.