Business continuity advice for charities during COVID-19

Some advice for charities in Leicester and Leicestershire for continuing to operate during an emergency.

In the event of emergencies a simple plan includes:

  • Emergency contact details for your team and members in case you need to close, think about who would need to know?
  • Processes to be able to work from home, how can you continue to operate?
  • How can you support your beneficiaries without offering face to face support?
  • Think about what difficulties arise if your team are off sick?
  • Have you spoken to your funders about expectations?
  • Have you checked your governance document to see what it says about being quorum and remote participation
  • Ensure that you provide hand washing facilities
  • Consider postponing and cancelling events, meetings If you are hosting a formal meeting such as AGM think of other ways to deliver this
  • Check cancellation policies for events
  • Check your insurance
  • Check sick pay
  • Keep following government guidance

If you need to contact us about the above please contact us online via:

  • Our online form
  • Email:
  • Our helpline: 0116 257 5050

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