Campaign aimed at helping trustees refresh their knowledge of charity governance

On 9 March 2021 the charity commission released a press release explaining that a suite of 5 visually engaging animated videos have been launched across social media channels, promoting one of the regulator’s 5-minute guides published in November '20.

In our blog “Trustees Week 2020 – What’s new to read and action” we explained the background to the guides and what each guide included. The blog can be accessed here:

The latest campaign by the charity commission prompts trustees to consider their understanding of their key responsibilities by a posing question connected to each guide:

  • Does every decision help your charity with its mission? (Charity purposes and rules guide)
  • Could your charity be drifting into activities that your charity is not set up to do? (Making decisions at a charity guide)
  • Is your charity reporting the right things at the right time? (What to send to the Charity Commission and how to get help guide)
  • Could you spot a conflict of interest and manage it? (Addressing conflicts of interest in a charity guide)
  • Is there more you can do to prevent fraud? (Managing charity finances guide)

The press release can be accessed here.

One of the videos has been retweeted by VAL and can be accessed here.