Campaign for Community Power Act

Research from Power to Change and the Cares Family, found that 71% of people in the UK felt they lacked control over the important decisions that affect their neighbourhood and local community.

They feel a new approach is needed that puts power and control in the hands of our communities. They are supporting We’re Right Here, the campaign for community power.

Led by community leaders and backed by national organisations like Power to Change, they are calling for Parliament to pass a Community Power Act.

This legislation would fundamentally change where power lies in our country by :

  • Giving communities a legal right to self-determination so decisions about local services and spaces are made at the most local level possible, with the participation of local people.
  • Bringing communities and councils together to form Community Covenants that are defined by local people and reflect the dynamics of the local area, accessing a range of new powers and resources across local economic development, service provision, community assets, planning and housing.
  • Creating an independent Community Power Commissioner who will hold the government to account on its decentralisation commitments.

Details about the campaign and how to get involved, such as signing their letter to Michael Gove, or sharing your story of community power can be found here.