New opportunities for Samia

Samia has always had an interest in training and teaching, and after doing some research into upskilling and looking through the courses on our website, she decided to sign up for our Award in Education and Training course.

Overcoming challenges

To begin with Samia struggled to balance the course with other aspects of her life, but with VAL’s support she was able to succeed and complete the course.

Honestly the course was quite challenging. I was struggling to balance time between my work commitments, my children and the assignments. But I have to mention that the tutor (Martin Bell) was great. He offered so much support during the tenure of the course and he was always available over email and over the phone in case I needed clarification.

Encouraging and supportive tuition

Despite her initial worries, Samia worked hard to complete the course and told us that the motivation, encouragement and support of VAL’s trainer, Martin Bell, was a big factor in her success.

Martin always took out time to clarify our confusions or hesitations when we were lost and needed direction. I would not have achieved this if it wasn’t for Martin’s motivation and encouragement.

New career opportunities

As a result of completing the course, Samia is already being offered exciting new avenues in her career.

I am working as a customer service representative and I have already informed my workplace of my certification… they have already highlighted a career path for me. I have applied for the role of a coach and there is a high possibility I might take up my own training group within 4 months.

“I can accomplish anything”

Not only did Samia achieve a professional teaching qualification on completion of the course, she also improved her career prospects and came away with a real sense of accomplishment.

I would definitely recommend others to take up courses with VAL… I must say the first time I saw the course material and the assignments, my initial thoughts were, ‘Oh my God! How will I do it? I can’t do this!!’ But it has been a great journey and the support has led me to believe that I can accomplish anything. I feel my career prospects are so much brighter. I will definitely go back to VAL for my next level of upskilling.

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