Olivia is just like every other 8 year old

FTM Dance specialises in providing dance, drama and music respite sessions for children and young adults with special needs and disabilities.

These children have a range of special needs and disabilities, but, like all children, they still love the opportunity to move and express themselves.

One of the children FTM Dance supports is an 8 year old named Olivia. Olivia has cerebral palsy and Global Developmental Delay, which impairs her ability to walk and talk in the traditional way. She uses a walking frame and communication device.

Despite the challenges she faces, Olivia is like every other 8 year old little girl who loves to dance and move to music.

Her dad helps her during her classes but Olivia is very independent when in class and joins in with everything along with her peers.

Olivia loves class and won FTM Dance’s Outstanding Achievement award in Feb 2015 for always trying her best!

Expanding across the county

The group plans to expand across the county and including further creative hobbies including arts and crafts and film and media.

Like many local Voluntary and Community Group staff, the group faces challenges in the coming months, but the change her work creates makes it all worth while.

The costs of running our organisation to the high standard that we do means we need to raise funds to help us along the way, otherwise we would have to charge £50 an hour per child, which is something we are not willing to do.

As any other VCS we are always striving to make our organisation more sustainable and in this climate we have to be very creative in the ways we make revenue streams, but seeing the children’s faces light up when they achieve makes it all worthwhile.

You can find out more about FTM Dance or get involved in the group’s work by visiting: http://www.ftmdance.co.uk/

What’s your story?

FMT’s story is all about overcoming challenges so that she can help over 300 children with special needs enjoy the joy of dancing every week.

Each and every one of the 12,700 people employed by Leicester and Leicestershire’s Voluntary and Community Sector has his or her own story and our new campaign is your chance to have your say.