Covid-19 Volunteer story – Walking

My experience of Volunteering - Read Joseph's story on how he volunteered to deliver covid-19 tests to doorsteps in Leicester by walking.

Josephs Experience

For the last two months in July and August along with a group of people, Joseph has succeeded to distribute over a thousand covid-19 tests to the residents of Leicester. He is happy that whilst carrying out the opportunity, he had lots of cooperation from the residents and did not experience any hostility.

In September we are now providing residents with public health information. This means we remind them about social distancing, wearing masks in supermarkets, stores and enclosed places, avoiding visitors or visiting and also avoiding to be in company of more than six persons who are not members of their household. Although we convey this message on behalf of the Leicester city council, people are aware of this simple rule, but they always appreciate our efforts to visit them.


The city council only provides transport from Aylestone leisure centre to the targeted zones. This means that the volunteers must bring themselves to the Aylestone leisure centre.

I don’t have car or a bicycle and it not possible to afford bus transport everyday. I decided to walk from my address in LE3 to Alylestone leisure centre. In total since I started volunteering, I have walked 909.94km. This is about the same distance it takes walking from Leicester to London 6 times. This explain my serious commitment to defeat covid-19.

See below Joseph’s phenomenal amount of total kilometers he has walked and how many times he has been out to deliver the tests and provide essential information to the public in regards to Covid-19:

We thank you for your commitment in volunteering and we hope that your story can help others to spare some time and volunteer to help change people’s lives for the better. Stay Safe!