Volunteer Stories – Kelvyn

Read how Kelvyn helped to support the huge call out for help with the COVID-19 vaccination process

Volunteers’ Week – It’s a chance to say thank you for the contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK and a great way to recognise and thank all our volunteers, for all the amazing things they’re doing to help us make a difference.

Before Kelvyn retired he used to work in IT, but after retiring he felt like he could offer something to support the huge effort which was required to support the Covid-19  vaccinations.

‘I was able to draw on experience from my previous career and learn new skills around public liaison, crowd marshalling and much more. I volunteered mainly at the Kube alongside many new colleagues, from vastly differing backgrounds, giving me enhanced insight into an even broader aspect of life.

I have gained such a sense of fulfilment, to be part of a team that is ‘close knit and supportive’ and one that is appreciated by both the public and NHS “colleagues”, alike.

My plans are to continue in a volunteer capacity – ideally for the vaccination effort, but maybe as a driver helping those who are less mobile.’

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