Volunteer Stories – Mary

Read how Mary and her husband, gave up their time to volunteer to help out with the COVID-19 vaccination process,

Volunteers’ Week – It’s a chance to say thank you for the contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK and a great way to recognise and thank all our volunteers, for all the amazing things they’re doing to help us make a difference.

Mary wanted to help the NHS with the Vaccination effort. She thought she could use her time to help others so applied to be a VAL Vaccination Volunteer.

She has thoroughly enjoyed helping others with the vaccination programme. She has especially loved meeting the old and frail who more than often just want to chat, particularly in the first wave of the vaccination effort.

My husband and I are still volunteering with the vaccination effort although this has lessened over the last few months and I fear may stop altogether very soon. I shall be sad to not be involved.

I may volunteer to help in the future but I have no immediate plans to look at the present time. With the summer months looming I will be spending time outdoors in the garden and enjoying the better weather, hopefully.

An enjoyable volunteering exercise. I have felt valued, particularly at The Kube where I volunteer most (as it is nearer to home) and the staff and volunteers there are a great bunch. Be sad not to see them and be involved in the future. Thank you’

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