Volunteering in Furlough

COVID-19 Volunteer Story - Furloughed whilst in lockdown, volunteering to help the local community.

Debbie was furloughed by her employer as soon as the lockdown was announced. She was keen to keep herself occupied and do something to help the local community. One evening she noticed on social media that Voluntary Action Leicestershire were offering the opportunity to register to volunteer. This was local and appealed to her so she  signed up immediately!

Our volunteering team at VAL contacted her immediately and she was offered a couple of opportunities. One of them was to deliver hand held web cams from the General Hospital to GP Surgeries to help assist with online assessments. This opportunity looked like it would be an ongoing so Debbie agreed to help straight away.

Over the last few weeks I have made a number of deliveries with Bella riding shotgun and it is now pretty much part of my routine – along with sorting the garden out !! I have also volunteered more locally shopping and delivering food for elderly neighbours. Not too sure when normal returns but when it does I do want to continue volunteering in some capacity and I have signed up for the VAL Volunteering Newsletter to hear about other opportunities.


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If you are interested in volunteering and would like to find out more, search our current opportunities online: volunteerleicestershire.org.uk