Consultation on Leicester’s proposed Workplace Parking Levy

The consultation will close on Sunday 13 March 2022

Following consultation this summer on a new draft Leicester Transport Plan (2021-2036) and initial thinking for a Workplace Parking Levy (WPL), Leicester City Council has a 12 week formal consultation on proposals for the introduction of a WPL for Leicester.

The WPL is designed to encourage people who travel into the city regularly for work to use alternatives to cars for their daily commute, while helping fund the improvements needed to ensure the city’s public transport, cycling and walking networks provide good alternatives to car travel.

The WPL would apply citywide and businesses with more than 10 liable spaces would pay £550 per space per year for a licence to provide car parking for their employees.

The scheme would require Government approval, after which it could start in 2023.

To view the consultation documents and take part in the online consultation, please view:

If you would like to discuss the WPL proposals for Leicester, a virtual meeting can be arranged. Please contact: