Digital trends for 2022  

Charity Digital (registered as Charity Digital Trust – charity number 1133179) was established in 2001 to help other charities accelerate their missions using digital technology.

Their content editor and writer has recently written an article about the ten digital trends that are set to dominate 2022 and offered charities some essential advice and guidance on each trend.

These include :

  • The increasing inevitability of cloud based storage which helps remote and hybrid working.
  • Virtual reality with charities like NSPCC pioneering the use of a computer simulation programme to help tackle child abuse.
  • Artificial intelligence with charities like Mencap using an  ‘Understand Me’ chat bot on their website. The chat bot guides users and donors through a conversation with Aeren, who was born with a learning disability. The chat bot gives users information about her life, while also providing statistics on learning disabilities in the UK.

For more details of the trends and what to consider, click here.

If your charity would like help with reviewing your digital strategy you can access support by contacting VAL’s helpline here.