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How-to guides

These guides are designed to help you apply for and manage the ongoing processes of European funding

A beginner guide to effective impact management

This guide is designed to help charities and voluntary organisations to effectively manage the impact that their service has.

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Measuring Impact Toolkit - Planning

This guide is a starting point for planning how you will measure the impact of your organisation.

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How to Budget a Direct Spend Project

This guide will help you prepare your organisation to create a budget to run a European funded project and how to calculate your staffing costs accurately.

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How to Write a Project Plan for European Funding

This is your guide to writing a good project plan in anticipation of completing an application for European funding.

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Match Funding

This guide will provide you with definitions and examples of the types of match funding you can use, how to incorporate the match funding in your financial tables and how to prove that the match funding is available.

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Monitoring a Direct Spend Programme

This guide provides an overview of what to expect from Managing Authorities and the information you will be required to give will often change over time.

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