New online register of charities

The Charity Commission: New online register of charities “widens the public’s window” into how charities are run

On 3 September the charity commission published a press release about improved public register of charities, which makes more information about individual charities available to donors and the public.

The new display is designed to increase transparency for the public and others by displaying a wider range of information than before.

The new display shows:

  • Whether individual charities work with a professional fundraiser and whether they have specific policies in place, including on safeguarding
  • Financial information includes the number of staff within a charity that receive total income packages over £60,000
  • Where a charity has been held to account by the Commission, ‘regulatory alerts’ on its register entry highlight the specific action taken or underway.

The new display is also designed to make it easier for trustees to access and update their charity’s information with the Commission

You may want to check your organisation’s register to see if it needs updating.