Procurement in an Emergency

Previously we reported on the procurement notices issued in 2020, including procurement policy note 06/20, which refers to the Social Value Model Quick Reference Table, which gives illustrative examples of how tenderers can demonstrate their social value within themes. The details of this can be found in VAL’s New year resolutions for the local VCSE sector blog.

One procurement notice that has come to light in 2021 is procurement policy notice 01/21 – Procurement in an Emergency.

It reminds contracting authorities of the options available to them when undertaking procurements in an emergency. It includes further information on the commercial risks inherent in direct awards without competition. Contracting authorities are advised to continue to achieve value for money and use good commercial judgement and sound decision-making in an emergency, including when making direct awards.

The policy note can be accessed here.

It may be of interest to local VCSE organisations that rely on income via contracts and are near to an end of an existing contracting period.