Small and Medium Business Hub guidance

On 4 June 2021 the Cabinet Office updated its centralised guidance for SMEs and departments on government’s commitment to support start-ups and small businesses via government procurement, and commit to paying them on time.

Within the document links to the Sourcing and Consultancy playbooks have been added.

The sourcing playbook gives government guidance on service delivery, including outsourcing, insourcing, mixed economy sourcing and contracting.

The introduction of the Outsourcing Playbook in 2019 set out a series of simple guidelines and rules to achieve outstanding public services by improving their decision making and how they deliver public services.

Through the publication of version two of the Playbook in June 2020, and now its rebrand as the Sourcing Playbook, they are committed to ensuring the guidelines and rules are successfully embedded in everything they do.

The Sourcing Playbook continues to focus on the same key commercial principles and they feel the new title better reflects its focus on choosing the best model for delivering public services.

The playbook sets out how they make insourcing and outsourcing decisions, and deliver public services in partnership with the private and third sectors.

The content of the playbook includes:

  • Designing and publishing KPIs – Now embedded across the commercial lifecycle
  • Embedding wider social value  – Using the social value model
  • Improved delivery model assessments – refined guidance to reflect lessons learnt from delivery
  • Improved Should Cost Model offering – updated content with additional tools and

The full version of the revised Small and Medium Business Hub guidance can be accessed here.

A quicker link to the Sourcing Playbook can be accessed here.

Local VCSE organisations who rely on procurement income may find the guidance and playbook of interest.