Support services during Covid-19

This is a list of organisations, both private and voluntary, who are offering services to the community during the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic.

This page will be updated on a regular basis.

Are you still delivering services? We want to hear from you

If your organisation is based in Leicester or Leicestershire and is still delivering services, has considering closing or temporarily closed we want  to hear from you.

We’d like to understand which services are still running locally and identify areas where we can offer additional support, or where we may be able to call on you to join a larger effort to support local communities during COVID-19/Coronavirus. Fill the form below and we can add you to this page.

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COVID-19 Emergency Broadcast Service

  • Community radio stations.

    During covd-19 VCSE organisations may want to signpost their beneficiaries to details of local community radios that are providing public information broadcasts.
    This list of radio stations may be used in an emergency to broadcast essential messages in a timely manner.

    If anyone requires any further information or if any authorities wish to broadcast using the Leicestershire and Rutland Emergency Broadcast Service scheme then please email

    Click here to few the full list of radio stations

  • Leicester Community Radio - 107.5FM

    Local news and information updates with specific relevence to English speaking communities in Leicester. The station is opperating temporarily on 107.5FM with a special Covid-19 restricted service licence designated by Ofcom. The requirement of the service, as defined by Ofcom, is to provide companionship and information that avoids the ‘breaking news’ and information overload model. LCRs service is designed to supplment existing media services in Leicester, and is aimed at people from thirty-five to sixty-five years old

  • DanceQuestRadio or calll:07484747141
    Providing a friend at the end of the line people are able to message me speak to me email me request a song and they are guaranteed for it to be played and they also get a friendly mention it also enables people to interact together via our Facebook page and group chat.

  • Community radio stations: Supporting the effort to communicate Covid-19 messages to the wider community

    As part of assisting the government with the messages of staying alert and safe, community radio stations have started to produce audio messages in multiple languages. This will aim to reach those communities that have proven more difficult to communicate with by using the standard media strategies.

    Kohinoor Radio and Takeover Radio have been given the go ahead for live reads for five days. There will also be a recorded advert. Dr Charanpreet S Johal Director of Operations at Kohinoor Radio stated, “Community Radio and other community media can offer invaluable service in such times as we are facing and it’s encouraging to see government bodies recognise this and use our support.”

Support and resources nationally

  • Gov.UK – Support as an extra vulnerable person

    0800 028 8327

  • Sainsburys

    (0800 328 1700) call Mon-Fri between 9am-5pm
    Assisted shopping for elderly.

  • Unite - Union

    (0330 107 2351) – Helpline for vulnerable Unite members
    Assistance with shopping, collecting prescriptions or support if lonely.

  • Covid-19 Mutual Aid

    A group of volunteers supporting local community groups organising mutual aid throughout the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK. Information on groups in your area:

  • Royal Airforce Association

    Providing befriending telephone calls to their members
    T:  0800 018 2361 E:

  • Harmless / The Tomorrow Project
    Support for people who self harm and/or are at risk of suicide, their family and friends; support for people in suicide crisis; support for people bereaved by suicide. Assessment and support sessions via telephone or Zoom, support via text message or email. Face to face assessment and support sessions for people in North Leicestershire at our East Leake office.

  • Afghanistan and Central Asian Association

    0208 572 0300 – Opening Hours are 10am to 5pm from Monday to Friday.
    Charity supporting the integration of refugees and asylum seekers into British society and improving access to mainstream services. – We are still open to continue supporting Leicestershire residents, refugees and asylum seekers with advice on issues such as financial advice, benefits advice and Universal Credit applications for previously self-employed people, citizenship applications and liaison with the Home Office, mental health advice and support with domestic violence over the telephone.

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