VCSE Manifesto 2021

The work charities do is life-changing and can have a profound impact on some of the most vulnerable people in society.

In early 2019, VAL began working on a manifesto for the VCSE sector. Initially, talking with a small number of stakeholders a draft was agreed. 
Along with a plan to engage wider during 2020. This work paused, as VAL, along with other organisations, pivoted to support their local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. As VAL edges towards a new normal, the manifesto has been updated to reflect the previous 18 months.

VAL’s request is for senior leaders within your organisations to endorse this manifesto. Doing so will give VAL the opportunity to introduce the manifesto to a range of local funders – particularly those in the statutory sector – this will be the start of a conversation on how some funder’s approach might need to change.

If you would like endorse this manifesto, email: VAL intends to share the numbers endorsed and not the details of each organisation.

VCSE Manifesto

Read a copy of the: VAL Oct 2021 – VCSE Manifesto here