Building my confidence – Tina’s Story

Tina joined volunteering with guidance from our VAL Volunteering team who helped her to gain new skills, build her confidence and get back into work.

Here is Tina’s story of her journey into volunteering with guidance from our volunteering team, who helped her to gain new skills, build her confidence and get back into work.

Tina signed up to VAL Volunteering as she wanted to do something new with her life.

Tina suffers from a long term illness with a disability which has taken her a bit of time to get used to. She has already been volunteering at her local village hall and is now also volunteering at a primary school near her.

Volunteering has improved my confidence in my communication skills especially with talking to the parents and teachers.

I would like to thank VAL and the volunteering team, who have been amazingly supportive, from talking me though the first steps of getting myself ready to go back to work, listening and helping me rationalise where I was aiming for. The courses they signposted me to, have enabled me to become qualified in the relevant areas.

Tina is still volunteering and doing a start-up, and she is due to start a new part-time position at a local school in December. Her aim is to help as many people as she can.

I took a chance visiting the library and was lucky enough to meet Ling and Stuart at the drop in. His personal manner, professional guidance and general niceness, has been a joy to get to know. I genuinely feel privileged to have been able to access the help VAL have been able to give me. Thank you!!

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