Our social impact

Every year we change the lives of hundreds of people across Leicester and Leicestershire.

Thumbnail image for the cover of VAL's annual review for 2019

Our annual review showcases some of the highlights of our year, with stories and statistics covering the work we’ve been doing.

Read our annual review to see some of the great stories VAL has been involved in over the last year.

Read our Annual Review

Our Annual Review is our yearly roundup of all the work VAL has been doing across Leicester and Leicestershire.

Read our 2018-19 Annual Review

Our economic impact

VAL, as well as the wider voluntary sector, adds significant value to the economy of Leicester and Leicestershire.

A part of the cover of VAL's Economic Impact report for 2018

Over the last three years we’ve had to adjust to the changing economic climate by diversifying our income.

Read our economic impact report for 2018 to discover how much VAL contributed to the local economy in 2018.

VAL Economic Impact Report

Take a look at our Impact Report for 2018 to see how VAL has contributed to the local economy and impacted on local lives through our projects.

Read our 2018 Impact Report