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Grants, awards and other sources of funding available to VCSE groups. Find out which opportunities your group may be able to apply for.

  • Getting Help in Neighbourhoods Adult Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund
    Clock IconDeadline 31/01/2022 12:00 pm
    There is a commitment across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to increase opportunities for people to stay healthy and well with a particular focus adult mental health and wellbeing. The ‘Getting help in Neighbourhoods’ mental health grant fund is one element of a wider mental health transformation programme. It has been set up because the NHS LLR want to enable and increase local charitable, voluntary, community organisations to provide local activities for people aged 18+ that; Build resilience and prevent adult mental health issues from developing or becoming worse Provide more opportunities and places for adults aged 18+ to seek help and support Support adults ages 18+ recovering or living with long-term mental health challenges to live as independently as they can Improve healthy life expectancy and reduces health inequalities To get a grant you will need to demonstrate a commitment to supporting adults that values and promotes their skills, experiences and potential. Your activities will need to be inclusive, promote and celebrate local diversity and use local venues that people can easily access to reduce isolation and feel part of the community. The fund values what voluntary groups can bring in terms of an alternative, creative and innovative approach and will support your organisations to develop its knowledge and skills about mental health and how you can best support people who need help.
  • Co-op and Hubbub Community Fridge Start up Grants
    Clock IconDeadline 01/02/2022 12:00 am
    Not-for-profit groups across the UK can now apply for grants of £4,000 to cover all costs associated with establishing a new Community Fridge. This includes: • Staffing. • Buying fridges and freezer. • Volunteer expenses. • Utilities. • Insurance. • Print display materials. • Cleaning materials. • Relevant staff training. To be eligible for funding, organisations must: • Be setting up a new Community Fridge which has not yet opened. • Establish the Community Fridge within six months and have intentions to sustain the project for at least three years. • See the potential for setting up future food and environment-related projects.
  • Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation – Mercia Park Community Fund
    Clock IconDeadline 04/02/2022 12:00 pm
    The Mercia Park Community Fund will give grants to projects for Round 4 that: 1. Help strengthen local communities (particularly their quality of life and life chances) within a 5-mile radius of the Mercia Park Development at Junction 11 M42. 2. Improve the natural environment within a 5-mile radius of the Mercia Park Development at Junction 11 M42. Priority will be given to: • Organisations who can clearly demonstrate that they are addressing a need in the local community and offering localised support. • Smaller charitable organisations that have limited access to larger funds. Size of Grants You can apply for: • Up to £5,000 for a 12-month project. • In exceptional circumstances, larger grant amounts of up to £10,000 may be considered, for a project that the group can evidence clearly that they have applied to a variety of other funds and grants for match funding and the project could not be completed without a higher budget. We would highly recommend that you call the grants team to discuss your project before completing an application for a higher amount.
  • Crisis Cafe Grants
    Clock IconDeadline 04/02/2022 5:00 pm
    Voluntary Action LeicesterShire in partnership with the NHS and Clinical Commissioning Groups are delivering a Crisis Café grant programme. We are seeking applications from not for profit organisations to establish and run Crisis Cafes across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Crisis Cafés are a safe space for individuals struggling with emotional and mental wellbeing who do not require immediate medical care, they are places that people can go to if they are experiencing a crisis, usually to access mental health support and advice as an alternative to attending A&E.
  • Arts Council England Let’s Create Jubilee Fund
    Clock IconDeadline 04/02/2022 5:00 pm
    The Let’s Create Jubilee Fund will support voluntary and community groups to develop creative and cultural activities as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June 2022. The fund has been created by Arts Council England (ACE) with funds from the National Lottery. The fund is open to voluntary and community organisations with charitable aims who have been established for at least 12 months and deliver projects in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Your organisational aims do not have to be based solely around arts and culture; e.g. you could be a youth group, parent/carer groups and volunteer organisations planning a creative or cultural activity to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee.
  • VocTech Seed 2022
    Clock IconDeadline 09/02/2022 5:00 pm
    Helping bring to life new ideas using digital tech to deliver skills for work. The Seed grant fund provides a supportive environment to help scope and test new ideas that have the potential to transform learning for work. We are looking for projects that are at a relatively early stage; helping to prototype ideas and work out the next steps necessary on the journey to long-term success. Grants are between £15,000 and £50,000 for projects lasting from three to 12 months.
  • Screwfix
    Clock IconDeadline 10/02/2022 12:00 am
    Capital funding for not-for-profit organisations to fix, repair, maintain and improve properties and community facilities for those in need across the UK. The Screwfix Foundation, a registered charity, was created by trade retailers Screwfix in 2013. The Foundation is currently accepting applications from registered charities and not-for-profit organisations (both national and local) to be considered at the Trustees meeting in March 2022. Capital grants of up to £5,000 are available to fix, repair, maintain and improve properties and community facilities specifically for those in need (by reason of financial hardship, sickness, disability or other disadvantage or distress) in the UK. In 2022, the Trustees will review applications in March, June, September and December. The cut-off date for applications is the 10th of the month prior to the trustee meeting.
  • Severn Trent Community Fund’s new green theme for Spring 2022
    Clock IconDeadline 20/02/2022 12:00 pm
    Severn Trent are really proud to have partnered with Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games as its Official Nature & Carbon Neutral Supporter. Together we’ll assist their pledge to leave a carbon-neutral legacy - because when we look after nature, it benefits your water too! To help maximise the legacy of the partnership, we are temporarily refocusing the Community Fund in spring 2022 to specifically support projects that help communities all across the Severn Trent region reduce carbon and care for nature. Non-profit organisations and local community groups with an income of less than £500,000 (averaged over the last 3 years) will be able to apply for a grant of £5,000, £10,000 or £20,000 to support their new community project linking to one or more of the following themes - green spaces, recycling and making the most of resources and water saving heroes. Organisations from across the Severn Trent region will be eligible to apply for support for their new project idea. Applications will open in January 2022 and in March our Customer Panel will review and shortlist the projects. The finalists will then go to a public vote in April with successful projects being awarded in May.
  • KFC Foundation Community Grants Programme
    Clock IconDeadline 28/02/2022 12:00 am
    Grants up to £2,000 are available to support grassroots organisations providing safe social spaces, mentoring, work, or social skills for young people aged 11 to 25 years old in the UK. The funding is intended for projects and activities which: Benefit young people aged 11-25 years old. Support those in a position of social disadvantage (i.e. care leavers, those experiencing homelessness, young carers, young parents, young people at risk of or with experience of the criminal justice system). Provide spaces that allow young people to feel safe and secure, helping to unlock talent and build life skills, provide mentoring, and improve their chances of gaining meaningful employment. Ultimately empower all young people to fulfil their potential and build a positive future. Will demonstrate positive results within 12 months of the receipt of funding.
  • National Churches Trust – Foundation Grants Programme
    Clock IconDeadline 31/10/2022 12:00 am
    The Foundation Grant Programme offers our small grants of between £500 and £5,000 towards urgent maintenance works and small repairs identified as high priority within a recent Quinquennial Inspection or Survey Report. Also, small investigative works and surveys. Project costs should be up to £10,000 excl. VAT and awards will never exceed 50% of the costs. Decisions are made on a rolling basis.
  • Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner’s Safety Fund
    Documents available until 10/01/2022
    This fund aims to enable community-based groups to undertake projects and initiatives that support the achievement of the objectives set out in the Commissioner’s Police and Crime Plan, including a reduction in violent crime, improvements to services for domestic abuse investigations, and domestic violence protection orders/perpetrator programmes. As part of the new fund, the Commissioner is keen to hear from organisations that can make a meaningful difference in the lives of women who are at risk of violence or abuse and their children and also aim to challenge the unhealthy attitudes and behaviour that fuel such violence. £250,000 has been ring-fenced for the Fund in 2021-22 and a further £400,000 for 2022-23. Some grants have already been issued under the previous scheme and the balance for 2021-22 will be distributed before the end of March 2022.
  • Blaby District Council Community Grants
    The Blaby District Council Community Grants scheme is open for 2021-22. The scheme supports the local voluntary and community sector to develop and strengthen community facilities and activities. We continue to offer a range of grants to suit different projects, including the launch of our new Green Grants this year: Capital Green Grants – up to £4000 (20% match funding required) Revenue Green Grants – up to £500 Large Capital Grants - up to £4,000 (50% match funding required) Small Capital Grants - up to £500 Revenue Grants - up to £500 Everyone Active Grants - up to £500 We no longer offer a separate Youth Grant but any youth projects should meet the criteria for one of the other grants.
  • Dr M A Gerrard’s Kegworth Old People’s Benevolent Fund
  • Leicestershire & Rutland Community Foundation – Making Local Life Better Fund
    Grants between £500 and £3,000 are available to local charitable groups for small local projects that benefit the communities of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Funding is intended for projects supporting, involving, or set up by local people in Leicestershire and Rutland to improve the quality of local life and life chances. This is a rolling programme and groups can apply at any time.  National charities applying must to be able to demonstrate that they have a local branch. This would include a local bank account, finances, and demonstration of fundraising and delivery in the local area only. The Making Local Life Better Fund is made up of money from many local private donor funds that the Community Foundation attracts and manages. Between them, donors fund a wide range of needs, but all aim to support local people and local communities. Grants are available to support grassroots community groups and small-medium sized charitable organisations who are aiming to improve the lives of the people in their local communities.
  • Morrisons Foundation
    Charities registered in the UK can apply for grants from the newly established Morrison’s Foundation. The Foundation is looking to award approximately £2 million a year for charity projects which make a positive difference in local communities; in the main grants are available to fully fund projects of up to £25,000. There is no specific grant amount that can be applied for but applicants must demonstrate how the project will deliver public benefit, who in the community will specifically benefit and how it will bring about positive change. Applicants must also have financial information dating back three years and have raised some of the funding elsewhere.
  • Sport England – The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Activity Fund
    The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Activity Fund aims to use sport and physical activity as a means of bringing a community together and tackling inequalities via awards of between £300 and £10,000 from a pot of £5 million of National Lottery funding. We want to mark and help celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year by supporting projects that bring a community together and provide opportunities for people who may be less physically active. Therefore, we want organisations to consider how they could work more collaboratively across their community, in order to make the biggest possible impact.
  • Oakland Foundation Fund
    The Oakland Foundation have recently launched a fund for clubs, groups, organisations and schools to apply for funding to support children under the age of 16 and their families who live in Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland, focusing on the following themes: - Education: to ensure children get the best education, no matter what their background. - Health and nutrition: to ensure children have access to healthy food. - Sport: to ensure children have access to sport and activities irrespective of social background or physical ability.
  • Social Enterprise Support Fund
    Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, the fund is made up of £16.3m in grants. It responds to an urgent need to help social enterprises. The fund will provide essential support to help social enterprises in England to rebuild and grow their trading income, following the impact of COVID-19.
  • The Yapp Charitable Trust
    Grants available to registered charities with a total annual expenditure of less than £40,000 for ongoing core funding only. They define core funding as the costs associated with regular activities or services that have been ongoing for at least a year. YCT cannot fund new projects, extra services or additional delivery costs. They will cover costs for organisations working with: • Elderly people • Children and young people aged 5 - 25 • People with physical impairments, learning difficulties or mental health challenges • Social welfare – people trying to overcome life-limiting problems of a social, rather than medical, origin (such as addiction, relationship difficulties, abuse, offending) • Education and learning (with a particular interest in people who are educationally disadvantaged, whether adults or children) Deadline: Trustees meet 3 times per year to consider applications and a decision time can take up to 5 months from the date of submission.
  • Your Best Friend Fund – Open for Projects Addressing Toxic Relationships in Young People
    Funding for not-for-profit groups across England and Wales supporting young people to better understand the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships. Schools, community health services and voluntary sector organisations in England and Wales can now apply for their share of a £300,000 funding pot aimed at empowering young girls, women and non-binary people to spot and stop domestic abuse in their intimate relationships. The Fund is part of a Government Tampon Tax-funded campaign and offers the following grants: • 30 to 40 small grants of £1,000 to £10,000. • 6 to 8 large grants of £10,000 to £25,000. Large Grants • 18 February 2022 (assessed at panel meeting the week commencing 7 March 2022). • 20 May 2022 (assessed at panel meeting the week commencing 6 June 2022). Small Grants Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and will be assessed at the next available panel meeting. Notifications are expected within 10 days of the relevant panel meeting. The funders can offer advice and support to organisations requiring assistance with the grant process. Full guidelines and an online application form can be found on the Your Best Friend website.
  • Charity Link Small Grants Scheme
  • The Coalfields Food Insecurity Response Fund – Phase 2
    The Coalfields Food Insecurity Response Fund Phase 2 is now open for new applications. Priority will be given to organisations that are supporting the most vulnerable with Grants up to £2,500 available. Examples of the type of services we would like to support are as follows (please note this list is not exhaustive): • Food banks • Food parcels schemes • Meal preparation services (such as packed lunches, meals on wheels, soup kitchens etc.) We anticipate a high demand for this funding and this is a rolling application process with no application deadline. The programme will close when all of our funds have been allocated. Decisions will be made on a weekly basis via the contact details applicants provide on their application form and all decisions will be final.
  • Making a Difference Fund – Hinckley & Bosworth Borough
    The Making a Difference Fund offers community grants of between £500 to £3,000 to kickstart new projects within the VCS network (volunteer & community sector) or to boost the impact of VCS groups across Hinckley and Bosworth Borough. Funding will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis as a rolling programme.

Commissioning and Procurement Opportunities

Public sector contracts to deliver services to the community, suitable for larger groups, or smaller groups working in partnership.

  • Floating Support Services for People with Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis (Substance Misuse) Needs in Leicestershire
    Clock IconDeadline 15/02/2022 12:00 am
    Leicestershire County Council are procuring a new Floating Support Service for people with mental health and dual diagnosis (substance misuse) needs in Leicestershire. As part of our Strategic Plan 2018-2022, Leicestershire County Council (LCC) is committed to ensuring that no working age adult, with mental health as their primary need, be placed in permanent residential care. Through the provision of a flexible ‘step up/step down’ model of support, the Floating Support Service will aim to promote and encourage independence, assisting people to maintain their own tenancies, access the correct level of support with the aim of reducing the need for residential care and/or readmission to hospital. Contract Value: £1,400,000 This new service will look to: • Support people to live independently and safely through the provision of support in their own homes and the community. • Enable people to recover and develop the capacity to live more independently in their communities. • Develop the capacity of people to maintain their recovery and their ability to live as independently as possible. • Increasing people’s access to community assets and circles of support.
  • No Commissioning & Procurement Opportunities currently available
    No Commissioning & Procurement Opportunities currently available

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