Youth Volunteering Panel – Ayesha

Here is Ayesha’s story of her experience in volunteering for the youth panel.

Ayesha heard about youth volunteering through the VAL website, she wanted to do volunteering with likeminded young people and thought this was a good opportunity especially as there was limited opportunities for young people.

I decided to start volunteering because I wanted a way to interact with others. I was personally going through a very a hard time with covid-19 and the sessions benefited me by helping me to interact and helped me to network. I also took a keen interest to volunteering as I wanted something to put alongside my CV as it looked relatively empty especially as I had limited work experience.

My experience so far has been amazing. Zuli is so great at what she does and really knows how to engage with young people. I think it was a hard time as there were limits to what we could do due to covid, but it provided me with key skills that I have taken and used going forward. The confidence volunteering has given me has just been amazing.

Volunteering has allowed Ayesha to overcome her personal plight. During her volunteering roles she was quite depressed due to the poor working standards, volunteering has helped her to overcome her fears and resign as well as find a new job.

It gave me happiness. In addition, it has opened numerous doors for me and has allowed me to see the best in others as well as working with some amazing companies and collaborating with likeminded individual.

I think companies should take a note out of VAL’s book as the way the staff have engaged with everyone has been phenomenal. It has given me the chance to start speaking up and sharing ideas rather than being complacent and I can’t thank Zuli and VAL enough for all the effort they’ve put towards this group.


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