Charity Commission – Accepting, refusing and returning donations to your charity

On 4 March 2024, the Charity Commission published new guidance titled: accepting, refusing and returning donations to your charity

Accepting, refusing and returning donations to your charity

The guidance makes it clear that trustees should start from a position of accepting donations, but from time to time a charity may face a difficult decision as whether to refuse or return a donation.

The guidance is designed to help trustees have informed discussions when faced with a choice that has potentially significant consequences.

On 7 March 2024 some changes introduced by the Charities Act 2022 came into force. Specifically the new statutory power that trusts and unincorporated associations can use to make changes to their governing document is now in force. As well as new provisions about selling, leasing or otherwise disposing of charity land. More details can be found in the Charities Act 2022: information about the changes being introduced guidance.

On 26 February 2024 the Charity Commission published the Charity Commission Strategy 2024-2029. The Commission’s ambition is to create and sustain an environment where charities further build public trust and ultimately fulfil their essential role in enhancing lives and strengthening society. You can read the strategy here