Have your say on draft budget plans 2024- 2028

Councils across the country are facing unprecedented budget challenges - View the Leicestershire County Council's Budget proposal.

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Consultation closes: Wednesday 17 January 2024

What issues are driving budget pressures?
Spiralling social care prices, growing service demand and inflation are driving up costs. The Government’s autumn statement last month didn’t include any extra funding for councils which has ramped up the pressure for local authorities.

How bad is the situation? 
Nearby councils, such as Nottingham City, have declared that they do not have enough resources to continue to deliver services by issuing a section 114 notice, and others, such as Leicester and Derbyshire, say they are being pushed to the brink.

We are not in crisis territory. We’ve successfully managed better than most by not forgetting about the financial realities of local government when delivering services. But we do have a significant budget gap and need to deliver services differently.

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