Connall Pugh

Connall worked as a Director of Business Strategy and is now the social media lead at Cromwell.

In his previous and current role people are at the heart of what he does. Focusing on business and marketing strategy he has been focused on creating and executing global marketing campaigns. The goal is to drive growth and grow sales across all areas. Something which he has an immense passion for. It has allowed him to create great strategic partnerships which in turn has opened many doors.

Connall has worked in a variety of different contexts, from offices to aeronautical engineering to the United Nations. He prides himself on his diligence and organisational skills. Communication is another well rounded skill that has been forged through these testing times.

This confidence allows him to work well independently and within a team, and empowers him to take on challenges that he would never normally think about, let alone take on. Constantly learning and striving for improvement, both in his personal and working life has enhanced his experiences and brought growth and positivity.

In his spare time he has become a committed member of his local Rugby team. Wearing the hats of captain, team manager, junior coach, an active committee member as their commercial secretary, he also runs the social media channels of the club.

He is looking forward to working with the VAL Trustee Board members to promote and enhance the work of VAL in our local communities.