Take action on energy and climate change

Free Carbon Literacy Training in June for Leicester-area community organisations

Carbon Literacy Training focuses on building the knowledge and motivation for participants to take meaningful action to address climate change.

The training is accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project (https://carbonliteracy.com) which to date has approved the training of over 32,000 individuals and nearly 3000 organisations.

This training takes place online over two mornings: Friday 10th June and Friday 17th June, 9.30am to 12.30pm. Attendance at both sessions is required to complete the course. To register, use the online form here.

The training addresses:

  • Understanding the core relevant points of climate science, greenhouse gases and what drives climate change
  • What a ‘carbon footprint’ is, and key high-carbon activities for individuals, organisations and countries
  • Key actions that can be taken individually and collectively to reduce your (or your organisation’s) carbon footprint, related to energy, travel, food and purchases
  • Developing a personal action plan of your own next steps

The training format is interactive and friendly with plenty of time for questions and group discussion.

Participants who attend the whole training and complete a short form outlining their pledged actions can be recognised by the Carbon Literacy Trust as ‘Carbon Literate’

De Montfort University is an accredited ‘Carbon Literate’ organisation and has been delivering Carbon Literacy Training since 2020. In 2021, DMU was ranked as the UK’s number one university in the People and Planet league for its comprehensive and ambitious plans to work towards ‘net zero’ emissions through its energy use, travel and procurement.

If you are interested but cannot join on these dates please email zerocarbon@dmu.ac.uk to enquire about potential future dates and other support available.