Do you need to consider insurance for your volunteers during coronavirus?

We asked our insurance partner, BHIB Charities Insurance, to set out some practical guidance to help you to understand some of the insurance issues around managing volunteers.

From lending a hand within your neighbourhood, to supporting local charities and setting up your own support group, there are many ways to get involved to help out during COVID-19.

Setting up a new group

When you are setting up a group, you should consider the types of insurance cover needed to protect your volunteers. Without the correct cover in place, your group or your volunteers could be found legally liable if something goes wrong.

Expanding an existing group

If you are already an established group, but you are looking to take on more volunteers, you will need to let your insurance company or broker know how many new volunteers you are recruiting and their roles and responsibilities.

Volunteering on behalf of the council

If the Council are responsible for organising the voluntary group then cover for the Council’s liabilities will be in force as usual. It is the Council’s responsibility to inform their insurance company or broker.

Types of covers available for volunteers

When purchasing insurance to cover volunteers, it is important to bear in mind that volunteers have similar rights to employees. They may not be automatically considered as a ‘third party’ under your Public Liability Insurance. We recommend that you include Employers’ Liability cover in your policy, so it extends the necessary coverage to include your volunteers. Most insurers in the charity and voluntary sector include volunteers in their definition of employee, but please do check.

The types of insurance available to protect volunteers include:

  • Employers’ liability insurance – this provides cover for the group’s legal liabilities, if a member of staff or volunteer is injured or harmed, whilst carrying out their duties.
  • Public liability insurance – this covers the group’s legal liabilities, in regards to any injuries or any damage that is caused to the public or their property.
  • Cyber insurance – this covers your group and its employees and volunteers if they accidentally share or lose confidential data. It can also cover the cost of investigating and rectifying data breaches and the effect of cyber attacks on your systems.

Insuring your group with BHIB Charities Insurance

BHIB Charities Insurance specialise in providing insurance broking services for charities, community groups and voluntary organisations. We can provide your group with bespoke policies including cover for your volunteers.

To find out how we can help your charity or voluntary organisation, email us at or call 0330 013 0036 to speak to one of our friendly team.

Please note: You may need to adapt your volunteer management processes during the coronavirus outbreak. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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