Covid-19 Volunteer story – Befriending

Eve registered to volunteer with VAL at the start of lockdown and has been very active and is always incredibly responsive.

Eve is already serving in the Army, at the Defence Animal Training Regiment in Melton Mowbray, where she is currently busy working on shifts, 4 days on, 4 off, 4 nights on, 4 off doing security, she contacted us saying that she wanted to use her spare time to volunteer.

Every time she was approached with an opportunity she said yes and has now had three separate volunteering roles: working with Leicestershire County Council to support those who are shielding, making regular calls as a befriender with Leicestershire County Council and helping Melton District Council with food deliveries to the vulnerable.

She has enjoyed being busy and has ‘been here there and everywhere. From Hinckley to Bottesford. Eve has particularly enjoyed being a part of the befriending service and a couple of her clients are from the military, which has been good for her because she can relate to them more easily. When speaking about her experience she said,

‘I think it’s made me a better person. We have a duty of care to other people and it’s been cracking to see everyone come together during the pandemic.’

Another young man that has received regular befriending calls from Eve for the past month has now completed rehabilitation and it has been arranged for them to meet from a social distance as he has not been out since coming home. Eve said it was nice to know that she has gained his trust. Leicestershire County Council have also acknowledged Eve’s support by saying,

‘Eve has been extremely helpful to our service and we have received very positive feedback.’