Getting into employment through volunteering

In August 2018 Mitzu joined VAL’s Voluntary Sector Support team as a volunteer.

English is Mitzu’s second language and volunteering was a great way for her to gain some experience in the UK whilst improving her language skills.

Mitzu moved from Peru 2 years ago and came to Leicester. Within 2 months of moving, she started English lessons at the Leicester Adult Education College. She soon realised that to go further, she would have to gain some sort of qualification in English to be able to get a job.

If you volunteer, as well as helping yourself you are able to help others too. I wanted to start volunteering so that i could improve my English speaking and listening skills. Make friends and socialise. Gain experience and build my CV to eventually help me to find paid employment”

Before joining VAL Volunteering, Mitzu worked in a charity shop as a volunteer helping to sort out donations, pricing items and dressing the windows at Rainbows. She joined VAL in August 2018 as a volunteer and worked in the VAL Volunteering drop-in service for 7 months.

Volunteering has helped me gain skills improve my confidence and helped me to work towards gaining employment at VAL.”

Volunteering is a good start to help to find full time employment. Working in the drop-in service at VAL, Mitzu has been able to help many other people like herself to choose volunteering opportunities. She feels that she has been able to show how volunteering has benefited her and the impact it has made on her life.

In March 2019, Mitzu joined VAL’s Front of House team as a Conferencing & Facilities Coordinator and she credits her volunteering experience for helping her to find work. Since joining VAL, she is thoroughly enjoying working here and in time she would like to continue to volunteer to help others.

I would like to continue to learn how to speak English better. My goal is to speak better than anyone here. I would like to continue with my career and keep helping people to change their lives”

Mitzu is currently working towards gaining a certificate in a Level 3 qualification in English. She hopes to be able to complete this soon. With the help of liaising and speaking to customers and people in the building, she strongly believes that this will help her towards succeeding in her goal.