VAL supporting group in attaining charitable status

VAL has worked extensively with the trustees of Quorn Mills Park Bowling Club. Initially they requested support negotiating a lease with the landlord.

Initial advice centred on explaining the benefits of incorporating the organisation prior to signing a lease.

Following this, help included drawing up appropriate charitable objectives, adapting the model-governing document to incorporate the rules of Bowls England, helping with the committee’s decision making to agree to this change of structure, and completing the register charity application. This included reviewing policies and procedures relevant to the application questions.

The club’s objective is to provide opportunities for participation and healthy recreation for the inhabitants of their local area by providing facilities for playing bowls.

Normally applications to the charity commission take at least 12 weeks. Whereas, this register process was agreed by the charity commission within 7 days.

Their next action is to contact their landlord with the news of their new status, which they hope will lead to an agreement of a long-term lease.

As a previously unincorporated body, they were unable to sign such a lease in the club’s name.

The chairman has quoted:

“Our trustees are of course very appreciative of the limitation of personal liability becoming a CIO also gives them. Our direction and potential development has really been enhanced by becoming a registered charity. VAL’s support along the way has been invaluable, as it will continue to be as we move into uncharted, but exciting, waters.”