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Volunteer Stories – Charlotte’s Story

Work.Live.Leicestershire Project - Tackling unemployment in rural Leicestershire

The Work.Live.Leicestershire (WiLL) programme help people who are economically inactive or unemployed who are living in rural Leicestershire to move into job search, training, or employment. Providing volunteer support and opportunities for people to gain experience and confidence.

I started volunteering, when I joined NWSLC College in 2016, when I began putting my name down to help other courses with their work, (for example being in Fashion Shows and helping with set design for Performing Arts). After having a year of fun with my course and being open to new opportunities with other areas, I began volunteering at Abbey Theatre.

To fill up my work experience quota, in the summer of 2017, I put my name to start volunteering with the local museum, in which I helped young children learn about periods in History through fun and creative means.

With all my volunteering roles they have had one thing in common, they have all helped someone else in need, my work has helped progress and shape others and I have enjoyed It. So the answer to the question on why i decided to start volunteering, is to give something back to the community.

Since Volunteering, I have become a stronger and capable person, I have stretched my limitations and I have been surprised by how much I can actually do. I think back to when I first met Bev on the Will project, and when I first started college, I barely spoke to anyone and I rarely put myself forward for anything. I am now more certain of myself and am looking forward to exploring the doors and opportunities, volunteering has opened for me.

With the worldwide pandemic, my volunteering duties have currently been put on hold. However, since joining VAL in 2019, I have found a volunteer opportunity with Green Towers, a youth club in Hinckley. During the pandemic they have also assisted me on enrolling on courses during the summer programme, to improve my IT skills, Communication and Mental Wellbeing.

I am now volunteering with the youth panel, in hopes of finding a new exciting opportunity when the lockdown is lifted, and to also help other youths on their journey.

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