Volunteer Stories – Lynda

Read Lynda's story of her experience in volunteering at her local charity shop in Leicester.

Lynda loves her voluntary role in a charity shop. She retired about 6 years ago and enjoys it, but she felt like there was something missing and it took her a while to realise what it was. There were times, since her retirement, when she didn’t really know what to do to keep herself occupied and feeling satisfied with life. She would look after her grandchildren when required (once or twice a week), meet friends for coffee, have some hobbies, but she still felt something was lacking.

She would flit from one thing to another at home. Although she absolutely adores looking after her grandchildren, and still carries on doing that when its required and even though she gets enormous satisfaction and fun from it, in a few years time and once they are grown up, it won’t be required.

So, she decided to look into volunteering. She started off by volunteering at her local charity shop about a year ago and has never looked back. It has given her a degree of confidence back, a sense of purpose, camaraderie with fellow volunteers and, most importantly, being a part of a team.

I was always a team player at work and love that sense of pulling together (even though some colleagues were more team players than others!). Also, volunteering has made me feel more connected to my local community, getting to know more people and to feel appreciated.

I just love volunteering. I realise it’s not for everyone – my husband doesn’t want to volunteer as he says he’s done his bit, having worked for 50 years in paid employment and he’s very satisfied in his retirement. I totally respect his decision and he’s happy for me to volunteer. After all, it’s made me a happier, more contented person! But for me – I’m so glad I volunteered. Should have done it years ago!

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Image credit: Photo by Timothy Paule II