Volunteer Stories – Lynn

Read how Lynn and her partner helped with the COVID-19 vaccination process and how she wanted to give something back by helping others.

Volunteers’ Week – It’s a chance to say thank you for the contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK and a great way to recognise and thank all our volunteers, for all the amazing things they’re doing to help us make a difference.

Lynn enquired about VAL Volunteering during lockdown a year ago as both she and her partner are retired and had lots of spare time, and they were looking for something to do to help others. They both have relatives who are very poorly and they felt that they really wanted to give something back to the NHS for all  that we take from them.

‘Volunteering has brought out a strength I did not realise I had.  Staff at every place have treated me with kindness, which boosted my moral and has given me the confidence to be able to help other volunteers and staff.

I feel confident to take on more tasks with VAL and not worry that I may be doing things wrong.  We have all worked hard in previous employment but volunteering with VAL we are all the same and any problems we help each other out, I am still volunteering and will continue to do so as long as Possible I love it.  If you have a few hours a week to spare, consider volunteering it is the best thing I have done and I have made so many special friends.  I feel a better person more confident and able to take on more responsibility.’

Get involved in volunteering

If you’re inspired to get involved in volunteering, you can find out more on our VAL Volunteering website.

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