COVID-19 support for charities

This page is your place for updates on how your charity might be affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and the support you can access during this time.

How VAL can support you

During the COVID-19 outbreak we will maintain business as usual with support for the sector for as long as is practically possible.

Our team will be on hand to offer support around keeping your organisation running during the pandemic, how you can recruit and manage volunteers to deliver vital services in your local community and anything else you might need to know.

You can access this support in three ways:

During this period we would ask you to be patient when waiting for a reply. We will continue to issue regular updates on this website, via our newsletters and on social media.


  • Webinars and videos for organisations that trade with the EU

    0n 16 February 2021 the Cabinet Office updated the webinars and videos for organisations that trade with the EU guidance. 

    The UK has agreed a deal with the EU.  Rules for doing business with Europe have changed. While the deal with the EU means zero tariffs and zero quotas, businesses still need to adapt to changes to trade and customs procedures, and changes to travel. Video explainers help organisations to check what you need to do differently.

    You can access:

    • Videos by topic such as businesses hiring overseas staff and businesses and trade agreements.
    • Videos by sector such as the retail and the service sector.

    They can be accessed here.

    Webinars can also be accessed such as a webinar for exporters, including on the UK’s global tariffs for imports, free trade and continuity agreements, and Generalised Scheme of Preferences (DIT)

    The guidance and webinars can be accessed here.

    Social enterprises and charities that trade may want to utilise these resources if they export or import in the EU or plan to.

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