Build your confidence in numbers with Multiply

Ling is helping adults improve their math skills through Multiply, a national program funded by the government. Read about her experience working on the project.

Multiply is a new government funded national programme to help adults to improve their numeracy skills. Numeracy is not just about Maths, it is not just about learning how to do fractions, algebra, trigonometry, mode, mean, median etc.

Numeracy is used in everyday life on a daily basis without us even realising it. Whether it is to tell the time, look at bus / train timetables, shopping, working out bills, fuelling up cars with petrol – working out how much per gallon will cost, cooking / baking – measuring ingredients, there are some many examples.

There is a definite distinction between maths and numeracy. Many people, including myself, think of Maths as a bit daunting, almost scary. When I think of Maths, I think of school, exams and trying to remember the formulas on how to work out Mathematic equation. Let’s just say Maths wasn’t my favourite subject at all! So when I was first ask to be involved in the Multiply project my first thoughts was, yikes I’m rubbish at maths and I don’t particularly like numbers – my worst nightmare has come true!

What I quickly realised is that the Multiply project is more than about Maths – it is about helping adults gain confidence / be confidence with numeracy. Yes, some Maths might be involved if a participant wants help with refreshing their Maths to prepare for a course, exam or numeracy test for a job interview. But with the current cost of living crisis, where utility bills and food bills are continuing to rise, the Multiply project can help people to learn how to budget, manage their finances, work out their bills and to have a more cost effective approach to their everyday life.

However, this hasn’t been an easy project to recruit participants to, as many adults may feel a bit embarrassed to put our hands up and admit we may need help with our numeracy. VAL currently has a peer mentor volunteers who can offer one to one support to help participants become more confident in their numeracy skills, either helping them prepare for a course/ qualification or just helping them with using numeracy in their day to day living. They can also hold workshops in a group environment if required. VAL’s approach is flexible dependent on the participant’s needs.

To be eligible for the Multiply project, you need to be over 19 years old and do not hold a maths level 2 grade C and above qualification. With the help of the Multiply project we can conquer our fears and become numeracy champions together!

If you would like to get some free support from VAL, please contact us on or call 0116 2575050